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Nuntius Brokerage and Investment Services S.A. is an independent firm providing investment services, supervised by Hellenic Capital Market Commission while being a member of Athens Stock Exchange (A.S.E.), in both securities and derivatives markets. The company is also a member of the Joint Guarantee Fund (G.F.) for securing investment services.
We provide the best conditions in quality and prices for the investors of A.S.E. and foreign markets, either directly or through partnerships in a variety of products such as stocks, derivatives, currency pairs, indices, commodities, bonds and all other stock market products from 09:00 up to 23:00, when market in USA closes.
If investments constitute an indispensable part of your life, you are passionate about smart investment opportunities, your intuition is developed, you like taking advantage of the results of your forecasts and journey into economic environment in safety and comfort, we are sure that through the pages of our friendly website, you will be able to find all the required information in order to help you choose the best investment strategy for yourself.

Company Profile

Nuntius Securities SA was founded in 1991 by Mr. Alexandros Moraitakis, who transferred his longstanding experience in banking from 1967 and in International and Greek stock markets from 1980 on big international firms such as Merrill Lynch, Drexel Burnham Lambert, UBS Phillips and Drew, Persing DLJ and others. He is certified in all American and Greek Certifications. In 1995 Mr. Theofanis Moraitakis, ex university professor teaching Financial Administration at Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), who is also certified in all Greek Certifications and also collaborates with international financial firms, entered company’s Capital Share. The two shareholders exert the company’s Management in accordance with Hellenic Capital Market Commission (H.C.M.C.) and supervisory authority rules, and their key objective is their client’s interest.
Nuntius Securities SA is a member of Securities and Derivatives Markets of Athens Stock Exchange and a member of Joint Guarantee Fund for Securing Stock Exchange Transactions. Supervised and licensed by Hellenic Capital Market Commission. The company is capable of providing to all financial instruments, under license number 1/46/10.7.1990 renewed by license number 5/330/2.3.2005 and later again by the newest license (under MIFID) number 7/481/30.7.2008 by Hellenic Capital Market Commission, the following investment services: a) receipt and transmission b) investment consulting c) management.
From its founding, company’s supreme policy is placing the interests of its investors / clients as the main priority, Nuntius is one of the best and most reliable brokerage firms in the industry. The Shareholder’s history and current view is being personally involved, focusing on long term relationships between investors / clients and the company.
Following our collaboration and the exchange of know-how with the best and most reliable partners, analysis, support and foreign banking partners, company’s activities include a wide range of investment services and technology deals both in Greece and abroad, as detailed below. Combining our experience and knowledge of both Greek and Foreign Capital Markets with correctly educated executives in each department, provides our investors the advantage of optimum, prompt and reliable information, in order to take the appropriate investment decisions at the right time.

Company’s Structure and Strategy

Nuntius has the required know how in order to develop worldwide in all financial products (in collaboration with leading international banks). The company provides services even in a 24 hour basis on certain financial products and markets and also provides access to them for its customers through voice and / or via the internet. Nuntius clients enjoy exceptional privileges through the conclusion of strategic agreements on bailee, analysis, implementation, expertise and technology with the most reliable banks of the world, in all international financial instruments as well as in the best Foreign exchange services. The company keeps the customers’ funds and securities separately from its own, being supervised on that by H.C.M.C. and independent chartered auditors. Each Securities SA account is guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund up to 30.000 Euro, when in fact there is no risk of loss of securities for an unlimited amount of securities, since investors now have always the intangible securities to their name in the Depository of Stock Exchange Market (which may at any time check through «axiaweb» program provided by Hellenic Stock Exchange SA – H.S.E.S.A.). The Clients’ funds are being deposited in an account separate from company’s account, to banks recently bailed by law by the Deposit Guarantee Fund (D.G.F) up to € 100,000 per depositor regarding total deposits on each Bank and also by political way for larger amounts. We provide to customers among others: (a) free of charge access by clients’ computer to the most complete foreign exchange platform in the world with a number of support services (b) free of charge seminars and technical support (c) newsletter providing analysis / recommendations (d) at cost full continuous online monitoring of A.S.E. and foreign markets including news, technical analysis, portfolio, online orders’ setup / execution and immediate confirmation, etc. For A.S.E.’s platform, supporting done with great reliability through Athens Stock Exchange computerized system and technicians, thus achieving the fastest executions and with faster execution response.

Platforms Overview

Web, mobile or download, you can monetize the market, trading on multiple platforms, from a unified account! Simply select your preferred platform and start trading.
All platforms are user-friendly, offering a customized experience, tailored to meet your personal trading needs.

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Receiving - Transmitting Orders

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Receiving - Transmitting Orders

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Receiving - Transmitting Orders

For derivatives on foreign markets and stock exchanges

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Optimal management and storage services at financial institutions

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Asset management and investment advisory on all financial instruments

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